Episode 10. The Greatest and the Super Fight

“I am the greatest!” Only one athlete would have been brazen – and justified – enough to proclaim himself as such. That was of course Muhammad Ali.

But while those of a certain age can’t help but agree with Ali, boxing fans still disagree constantly as to who is the Greatest Heavyweight Fighter of All-Time. The passing of time has reduced the legend of Ali as fighter but has aggrandized his sociopolitical stands to mythic proportions – and the story of his time-bending, dream-fulfilling fight against Rocky Marciano to literally determine the GOAT boxing champion is slowly dissipating in the collective consciousness.

On this episode of Truly The GOATs, we’re talking Muhammad Ali’s career, legacy, the Super Fight and the arguments of heavyweight GOAT-dom that may never be settled with Simon Walters of the You Don’t Play Boxing podcast and Dan Neumann of Sports History Network’s own Hello Old Sports podcast. And naturally we’ve got a sound bite or three from the man himself.

Truly The GOATs: We talk the greatest!

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